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Say Hello to Cubby!

The painless file sharing solution

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Plain awesome Filesharing for Selfhosters

Focus on file sharing
100% friendly, zero fuss, no frills. Use your loved calendar, weather app or webmailer. Cubby is focussing only on file sharing.
Privacy thanks to selfhosting
You can install and operate Cubby completely on site. You decide where. In your local network or in your cloud.
Painless installation
From 0 to Cubby in less than 10 minutes. git clone & npm run build.
Reliable file sharing solution
Use Cubby on Cloudron and you get Let's encrypt certs and automatic backups on top of your collaboration software.


with help from a strong open source community.

Self-hosted is a journey
Start your journey with Cubby to migrate your files from Dropbox, Google Drive or other proprietary SaaS services. This way you realise that these services are practically too expensive: in terms of paying money or paying with your private data. If you are enthusiastic about self-hosting, think about migrating your calendars, emails, videos, website ... When you are ready, try Cloudron.
Transparent development on GitLab
We love open source software development. That's why we chose GitLab as the platform for Cubby development. There you can see our software roadmap and follow our efforts to bring you the best file sharing solution on the market. Join us on GitLab.

Want to know more?

The reasons why Cubby is right for you!

Open source software
Cubby is licensed under the AGPL 3. It runs everywhere on prem and in the cloud.
Built in usermanagement
Cubby is fully integrated with the Cloudron user management via OpenID Connect.
Built in collaboration editor
Use the editor to work together with your colleagues on spreadsheets or office documents.
On prem or in the Cloud
Use Cubby in the cloud or install it in your local network. If you need a painless installation and automatic updates, use Cubby as an app on

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